New Sino-French Institute of Lyon Pop up

New Sino-French Institute of Lyon Pop up

14 - 24 November
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New Sino-French Institute of Lyon, for 2017 Chinese Food Festival “Magic Chopsticks”, presents for the first time in Lyon 3 young designers coming from China.

Atelier Murmur

Launched in 2011, Atelier Murmur is still fresh.
“Meeting with natural surroundings, modern-meets-nomadic living, the contact of ceramics and other materials... Every little moment of life could become an object. That's our way of creation.
We treat every piece of our hand-made work as a little creature with unique disposition, which makes them truly one-of-a-kind. “

Pinyin Press

Inspired by the everyday icons of contemporary Asia, Pinyin Press celebrates this unique and vibrant culture with detailed hand-drawn illustrations, prints and pattern.
Pinyin Press’ distinctive hand-drawn designs are currently applied to a variety of homewares and gift items such as tea towels, bone china mugs and other ceramics, aprons and tote bags – although the possibilities are limitless!

Piling Palang

Piling Palang objects are inspired by Oriental symbolism, colors, graphic patterns and motifs, infused with contemporary influences from the globe, and made by skilled craftsmen.
Bing, the founder and designer of Piling Palang, was born into an artistic family in the northern Chinese city of Tianjin. Bing was already creating artwork by the age of four, and went on to study at the Arts University, Tianjin. He then spent a decade in Melbourne, Australia working as a graphic designer for advertising and fashion label, and has finally returned to China.

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