No poo : adopt 100% natural alternatives !

No poo : adopt 100% natural alternatives !

Jul 11, 2018 | 7pm
*** Online registration: 15 € on ***

Low poo, no poo ... but what are we talking about? The low poo / no poo is to no longer wash your hair (with industrial products), and to reconnect with its true nature. The principle is simple: get rid of its bottles of shampoos, adopt 100% natural alternatives, and thus save money, protect the planet, and no longer take the lead!

From theory to practice, nothing beats a benevolent workshop to exchange good advice and avoid accidents!

For more than 4 years, coach and blogger Tiff in Lyon ( has adopted the zero waste lifestyle, and does not wash her hair in a conventional way. She gives you her practical tips to get you started, gives you easy recipes with simple ingredients, and a list of items to adopt.

After this workshop, you can proudly say that you are a girl and that you have no shampoo (it works also for boys).

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