MOB HOTEL Book Club #1

MOB HOTEL Book Club #1

Sep 26, 2017 | 6:30pm - 20:30pm
"Literary season: Do It Yourself! "

The holidays are over, there is nothing more to read!

No panic, this literary season shows 581 new novels on the counter. And that's where the problems begin: how to choose, who to trust? The press, TV, radio, facebook, my favorite bookseller, Uncle Hubert, the Academy Goncourt, randomly Balthazar or the head of the client?

You are invited to chat together for a drink to compose a small homemade literary re-entry.

Come with what you have read, spotted, loved, hated, advised all year round. Polar, (auto) biographies, essays, comics, romantic romances, SF, classics, history, rock'n'roll, gardening, cinema, new translations of ancient greek ...

At the book club, everything is allowed, even to talk about books that have not been read.

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