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  • MOB HOTEL - Restaurant

Opening on September 7!


MOB HOTEL takes care of you and your body, starting with breakfast. Let's try some pastries, bread, butter, and jams made in the magic cauldron.

The orange juice is fresh, but it might sometimes change into apple juice, depending on the season.

As you can see, MOB HOTEL offers fresh, organic, seasonal produce from local sources because we support a “truer” form of consuming.

See you soon over a hot drink!


Fresh, organic & local products !
If you are running out of time, a lunch sandwich formula will be proposed at the bar. Otherwise, take your time to discover the dish of the day and some wonderful pizzas.

Just be careful, you might want to come back :)


Sorry, we will not reveal the menu before the opening :)

We can already announce that it will be simple & changing regarding seasons.

Our chief, Brice Morvent, is really creative, you can trust him.

Some wonderful pizzas will also be served.

Go on, be nice, come to see us : you can split the bill :)

Your very own terrace

MOB HOTEL has dedicated space for private hire that can accommodate around 20 people.

Call us and we’ll tell you everything that MOB HOTEL can do for you.