Furs & Mazes

Furs & Mazes

May 17, 2018 | at 8:00 pm
Behind these two Amazons lies a multitude of women. Like an echo in the hovering haze of their musical landscapes, they appear. Housewife revolt of the 50s, submissive wife devoted to her husband ... Ghosts of past and present, they finally speak, expressing their doubts, their fears, their fears, their fallen dreams, their hopes.

From Trip Hop to Rock and Rap, or songs from Eastern Europe, Furs & Mazes embodies a new feminism, far from the clichés that make the word suffer, the one that brings together the two halves of the world.

With Sisterhood, the first album dedicated to The Woman, working in the cinematic atmosphere, Furs and Mazes participates in the first stones of the building, that of a long fight for tolerance.

In 8 titles, they give life to imaginary women, drawing enchanting or acidic portraits. A sweet, poetic and wild journey that mixes rich and varied influences, inspired by Björk, Portishead, Antony and The Johnsons, David Lynch, Nadia Lee Cohen, Amy Winehouse or Pink Floyd.

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