Jun 30, 2019
Workshop #1 in the morning - "BALANCE" from 10AM to 12AM

This workshop will focus on finding balance in your body – balance both between strength and flexibility, and between effort and ease. We will discuss how to adjust your practice to your body type and your body's needs, and show you how to reduce any imbalances between your body and mind. There will be a variety of standing and balancing poses, as well as exercises to strengthen and open you body. The aim of this workshop is really to create a feeling of grounding, stability and stillness both the mind and the body.

Workshop #2 in the evening - " SPACIOUSNESS" from 5PM to 7PM
This workshop will focus on creating more space within your body – opening up any stagnant areas and releasing tensions. We will discuss how our emotions and lifestyles are reflected in our bodies and learn how to use our practice of yoga to help us in our hectic modern lives. We will explore a variety of backbends and heart openers, as well as breathing techniques, which will bring a feeling of ease and openness to your body and mind.

BOOKING BY MAIL : [email protected]
Mats will be provided to the first comers


Magda is a yoga teacher, reiki practitioner, devoted meditator, as well as a mantra and nature lover. Born and raised in Poland, she quit her full-time job as a translator in 2011 and bought a ticket to India. What was supposed be a 3-month trip turned into 8 years of deep exploration of yoga and the study of various healing practises and modalities, an extraordinary journey that continues to this day ! She has based herself in South Goa and co-founded Parinama Yoga Studio, where she teaches regular classes, runs workshops, retreats, intensive classes, as well as teacher training and teacher development classes.

Her mission is to improve conscious movements, breathing exploration, mantra chanting, contemplation and meditation practises in order to bring students to a state of balance, full presence, deep connection, self-awareness and acceptance of their bodies and minds, so that they reconnect with the essence of who they are and realize their own power.

Don't miss this fantastic and unique oportunity to reclaim your inner self !
For inquiries and rates, write to [email protected]

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