Ecocert Cosmos organic

Ecocert Cosmos organic

Convinced that the small details make the big experiences, MOB offers its guests exceptional amenities certified by ECOCERT, a guarantee of quality and environmental commitment. Made by French artisans, these unique creations have been crafted in Bordeaux.

Our cosmetics, made from carefully selected organic ingredients, perfectly embody the MOB philosophy: to offer an authentic experience, respectful of the environment and rooted in local know-how. Each product reflects our commitment to a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle, while supporting local artisans and contributing to a circular economy.

ECOCERT certification is not only a symbol of their organic and ecological quality; it also demonstrates our determination to maintain the highest standards of sustainable and ethical practices. This is part of our commitment to contributing to a greener future, where the well-being of our guests and the protection of the planet are at the heart of our concerns.

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