Nourish your spring energy

Nourish your spring energy

Mar 29, 2020 | 3PM TO 5PM
Axelle and Tina offer you a journey between yin yoga and a sound immersion to release tensions and harmonize the energies of spring.The workshop consists of a 90-minute Yin yoga practice followed by a relaxation in the sound bath.

Yin yoga is a form of yoga that stimulates connective tissue and the meridians. It is practiced by maintaining the postures (asanas) for several minutes in stillness, while paying attention to what is happening in the mind and in the body. Quickly the mind and body calm down to better relax, let go, open up and create space.

Then will come the moment of relaxation. The Sound Bath is above all a vibratory space rich in therapeutic sounds. A moment of deep relaxation that one offers to make oneself more available to oneself (self-love), which contributes to soothe the stress and the emotions, causes of discomfort, of many diseases. The vibrations of the Sound Bath are relaxing, energizing, restructuring, occupying all the space, all your space and nourishing your body inside. Each experience is unique.

The practice will be guided by Axelle and Tina, two certified teachers.
Price: 30 € - Duration: 2h


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