Sep 20, 2020 | 5PM-7PM
Yin Yoga and Sound Relaxation: Love & Creation

Connect your heart (space of love) to your belly (space of creation)

Axelle and Tina offer you a journey through a slow Yin Yoga practice and sound immersion to harmonize the energies of the start of the school year and find the time to learn to relax.

Fall is the season of soothing energy. The heat from the sun's rays slowly diminishes and feeds our Yang energy much less. Yang, in Chinese energy, is the energy of fire, our masculine energy, the one that pushes us into action, "doing" it. ... She is our deep energy. it is the movement of internalization. So it is first and foremost to slow down, or more precisely to agree to slow down. And this is not easy because the start of the month of September pushes us on the contrary to set in motion new projects, to adapt to new professional or other situations. It is undoubtedly this contradiction between social demand and the energetic tempo of the autumn season that partly explains this decline in power, this lack of energy and this nagging fatigue.
Come and shine !

The workshop consists of a 90-minute Yin yoga practice followed by relaxation in the sound bath.
The practice will be guided by Axelle and Tina.
Details: Sunday SEPTEMBER 20 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. - Price: € 30 /
2 lessons on the serial Yogger card for members - Duration: 2 hours
Reservation and registration on the SerialYogger.com website

Price: € 30 - Duration: 2 hours
Reservation and registration on serialyogger.com

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