By entering the MOB, you take part to a movement for which the humanism is the most important value. At the time of the sad glory of the individualism, MOB carry on a collective project where each individual finds its place. The hospitality is our mission and we trying to figure it out together, how to be better, more durable and more virtuous. We believe in perseverance to build new paradigms. Places of freedom, virtuous, where we value imperfection.

Born in Brooklyn


MOB, for Maimonide of Brooklyn was born in 2011, in Boerum Hill, 525 Atlantic Avenue. We were « VEGAN FOOD FOR CARNIVORES ». The food topic is not new for MOB. Looking for new territories either. We are exploring districts where you can feel the life and where mixity and culture are essentials. This is not the vibe that you could find in regular guided tours… It’s in Brooklyn that we have created our first movement side by side with our neighbors, artists and farmers communities. Then, the movement went through the Atlantic to get to Paris in March 2017 and a few months later to Lyon. The MOB movement is growing, and we need you to share it with the largest number, to bring it to life. Game changers : be welcome!


Depending on your mood, you’ll feel at home (except that our beds comes from Parisian palaces!) if not, you’ll be happier somewhere else. MOB is for all even though we don’t all. Do not look for a TV, you will be disappointed. We offer alternatives, pocket books in our library.

Our restaurant is organic, local and seasonal. We are recycling, composting, and constantly trying to be better! For example, we removed red meat to offer local chicken. We are working with sustainable fishermen. We could talk about it for hours but we are pretty sure that you’ll understand. MOB cares and tries to limit as much as possible MOB’s footprint on the planet.


  • Carefully curated sustainable amenities
    Recycled and refilled bottles : less waste
  • Clean laundry
    Laundry service certified EU Ecolabel, only the towels left on the floor will be changed
  • Stop the water challenge
    8 minutes max under the shower (well… if you take more time, we won’t call the police !)
  • Natural and eco-label cleaning products
    A real passion for white vinegar

Here it is, now come see us and try MOB, write us, talk about us, join and spread MOB movement...

See you soon comrade!

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